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I'm Emma and welcome to my art blog.
Feel free to talk and whatever :D

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So I mentioned a couple months back that there would be a point in which I would have to start doing commissions and well, that point is now.

For those of you that don’t know, my dad died suddenly in late September of last year and while my extended family covered the major costs like the funeral, and the bills from our solicitor, me and my two older brothers have been struggling to get by. Things like food, electricity and gas bills, council and tv tax and a million other bills are really hard to meet when my oldest brother hardly goes to work and myself and my one year older brother are in full time education. 

So far we’ve just about got by but now were are pretty much out of money for the next month or two meaning we will very quickly run out of food. There aren’t any jobs that I could apply for at the moment so I figured that this the only I could make enough money to stretch over that month/2 month period. 

I worked out that £500 would just about cover food expenses and some electricity assuming I keep a spending budget of £60 a week. 

Obviously, I would have to take an impossibly large amount of commissions to meet this which I just haven’t got the time to do but something is better than nothing.

So please, if you want to help but don’t want to commission me here’s a couple things you can do:

Reblog! reblogs will at least get this going around so it can reach as much people as possible and increase my chances of finding someone willing to commission me.

Donate! You can donate any amount you want to my Paypal account (ask and I’ll give you the details). Seriously, if even just half of my followers donated 50p ($0.84), I would not only reach my target, but exceed it by almost £100

If you do this,  I will be extremely grateful to you. I’m not sure how to reward you if you don’t want my art but I will at the very least follow you forever on tumblr and give you a personalised shout out!

Contact me for commissions either leaving an ask on tumblr or via email: emma.oke@hotmail.com

Thank you for reading! and sorry for taking up a lot of space on your dashboard…

Anonymous said:

Hi ! :) Did you read House of Hades ? If so , what are your thoughs about it ? Cause it just blow my mind O__O

Yup, I read it the day after it came out ‘cause I was so exicted haha

But since that was quite a while ago, I’ve more than likely forgotten a few details but I can give you my overall impression of the book.

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Anonymous said:

Heey, i love you art! (Sorry my english, i'm Brazilian). Continue with their perfect designs! I'm in love with your style! Is there any other place where you have more pictures? And I'll be curious, what are your favorite books and singers? Kisses and Hugs *-*

aww thank you so much! and don’t worry, your english is very good :)

I have a deviantart but I update more and am generally more active on tumblr (I’m actually thinking of leaving DA anyway).

Ah…Like most things, I find it super hard to have just one absolute favourite ‘cause I’m just that indecisive lol.

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Sometimes I feel like the tfios fandom doesn’t pay enough attention to Isaac.I mean sure, Hazel and Gus’ part of the story was obviously very sad but they had their ”little infinity” where Isaac’s was pretty much miserable throughout the whole book, what with loosing his vision, his girlfriend and his best friend because of cancer. Idk, I just think he deserves a little more love from the fandom so I decided to draw Hazel and Augustus cheering him up.
Zombie AUs are my favourite AUs to be honest
I kinda want to draw a series of short comics for this but then, idk, life gets in the way 
Anonymous said:

Can you draw Nico and Percy from pjo please?

Well I’ve drawn them a few times already unless you mean percico?  In that case, just wait a few days because I have so much pjo fanart to post ^^

Anonymous said:

Can you draw Maximum Ride?

Sorry, I’ve never heard of it…

Anonymous said:

Will you draw Elsa/Jack (Jelsa) I really love your art

Thank you! But sorry I don’t ship it and I’m not doing requests :/

Anonymous said:

What does "rl-dump" stands for?

”really lame dump”

nah, it stood for ”riding lights’ art dump” (riding-lights being my first blog)

…I wasn’t feeling all that imaginative when i came up with it 

Anonymous said:

I just wanted to say I love your art and your links are right on top of some pictures when you scroll threw. Its complicated to enjoy all the amazing artwork.

Thank you!

Um, I’m not sure what you mean? The links to each post is either in the circle showing the note count or at the bottom of the post, are you saying the hover links are getting in the way somehow? could you clarify what you meant?